Friday, July 28, 2006



Blogger VERSUS said...

I need some Advil for this one, but I'm going with Steve-O.

Reed gets major 'spect for wearing such a revealng uniform, though. I'd feel much more comfortable in Strange's costume. That way I could cover up with that cape,which looks a lot like a rug from my grandparent's old house.

8:12 AM  
Blogger mal havoc said...

I agree with Mr.Versus. I don't know who this guy is, but great minds think alike! Nyuk.

7:37 PM  
Blogger GOLGOZOMOTH said...

if its quick draw, then steve.
if there is planning involved, reed.
reed is smarter, but in a hasbro-think-tank sort of way. it seems that he could be at a loss when a hoary host is called down upon him.
in chess, reed.

7:05 PM  
Blogger ranchburger said...

I think that Reed would be able to take some abuse while he MADE himself time to whip up some preparations. He's not called Mr. Fantastic because he can't lift more than a pencil. It all boils down to the Lewisian struggle between science and spirituality, mechanisms and majick. I say that Reed takes a few measurements while dodging or deflecting furry, sparkly, Cyclopean, and otherwise other-dimensional beings, and within a few minutes recalibrates his communicator to emit a certain frequency. This frequency ultimately nullifies all of the energy that the Eye of Agamotto can gather, effectively blinding Dr. Strange to what is on the other side of the portals he is opening. Too late, Stephen tries to close a portal that he inadvertantly opened in his foggy panic. The dimensional door belches forth a giant demon that instantly grabs Strange and drags him down to the lower pits of Hell, where he has to struggle against all the multitudinous hordes to stay alive. Reed goes back to his super hot wife and ignores her for the new Scientific American.

3:23 PM  
Blogger Weapon H said...

i don't know. i'd vote for a cross between captain america and gandalf befor a cross between captain america and stephen hawking. for any office. although i'd prefer they share an office. we could call the sitcom "just frag me."

10:12 PM  

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