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Blogger mal havoc said...

I'm still going with Gandalf, who walks with grace and dignity and his age and attire only contribute to that.

Dumbledore on the other hand....

8:20 PM  
Blogger Michael Tonight said...

. . . can't keep voldemort et al. from fucking with his school on a constant basis, so i'm with gandalf, mal.

12:02 AM  
Blogger neogeomancer said...

Gandalf's got the staff, the horse, the ability to come back from the dead, a pretty sweet dude-crew, a white cloak that never gets mussed, FIREWORKS.

As for Dumbledore, isn't his ass dead? If he comes back to life in the next one, maybe I'll give him some more 'spects. But it's true man, he can't keep a handle on his school. He needs Headmaster 911 up in that.

7:27 PM  
Blogger blokkermafia said...

Gandalf was not immortol, he only returned to earth because ''his work there was not jet finished.''
Gandalf can not kill things whit magic, not blast things whit magic and not or even hurt things whit magic at all, hij can only make shields (usefull ofcourse, but Dumbledore can to, more effectifly.)and make beams of licht en has some usefull abilleties. But to hurt someone he wil have to use his sword, and he would not even be able to come near Dumbledore, who can apperate.
Dumbledore has much more powers, he can stun, kill, disable, blow up, jinx, hex und curse away if he likes. (iam talking about the book versions of LOTR and HP)
I like Gandalf and Dumbledore, ( however, Dumbledore i like more)'but Dumbledore would win.
I think that even Neville Longbottom wil beat Gandalf, because HP characters have for more powers than the LOTR wizarts.

Pordon my English, iam Dutch.

11:52 AM  
Blogger Enatai said...

Oh bloody hell, it's Gandalf for sure. And what do you mean, he can't kill people with white magic? For chissakes, he killed a freaking Balrog! I'd like to see Dumbledor do that. For reference, the Balrog is that gigantic, awesome fire demon in the Mines of Moria that gets thrown down a nearly-endless chasm by Gandalf. Who does Dumbledor kill? Nobody, that's who. That automatically makes Gandalf > Dumbledor by default. As if that isn't enough, Gandalf DOES come back to life. Regardless of the reason, resurrection is resurrection. Dumbledor just comes back in a dream sequence, which isn't nearly as powerful, despite basically being blatant deus ex machina and bringing Harry out of a funky little stupor or whatever. The winner is Gandalf, for being badass enough to be played by Ian McKellen, a far better actor than Michael Gambon.

1:52 PM  
Blogger Enatai said...

PS blokkermafia, Wizards in Middle Earth have no fewer powers than any in Harry Potter. Hell, Tim from Monty Python and the Holy Grail could kill Dumbledor, I bet.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

as randall graves once said about LOTR, "all they do those movies is walk, even the fuckin' trees walk"

truth is i have no idea what powers the LOTR wizards have other than looking 'wizardy', where as in Harry Potter they go deep into deep description. as far as wizard on wizard fighting dumbledore hung with voldemort when they fought, beat grindelwald, and when lesser dark wizards encountered him they'd run for their lives. gandalf got his ass beat by saruman who didn't seem to do much more than basic a stunning spell at him, then, wait, there's no other TRUE wizards in LOTR, that's right.

so the answer is clearly dumbledore.

ps - the 1st LOTR book is perhaps the most boring book i've ever attempted to read in my entire life, i started daydreaming about doing laundry.

I couldn't put any of the Potter's down, even though there's no awesome 'elvish' dialog.

11:10 AM  
Blogger mrguyatgoogle said...

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Blogger mrguyatgoogle said...

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Blogger mrguyatgoogle said...

Defiantly Gandalf Here's why:
Gandalf was a Maiar which makes him a demi god. He helped shape middle earth so if he wants he can make a tree grow out of the feeble Dumbeldore's chest which would either kill him or topple him to the ground, immobile. Then Gandalf could just decapitate Dumbeldore and be done with it. Or he could create a huge hole in the ground right under dumbeldore, Dumbeldore would then fall and Gandalf could fill it up and then Dumbeldore wouldn't be able to breath and would die. And those are only two examples. They probably didn't put it in the movie or book because then the story would end after a few lines. Gandalf IS immortal, If anyone says he isn't you are wrong because he only "died" from the Balrog fight because he was in Human form. He comes back and then he is part Maiar which makes him still immortal. And Eric, the spells aren't very detailed or deep in Harry Potter. For example the spell Tarantallegra which is a spell that makes the opponent dance... That's it, nothing else. And by the way, half of those spells like this one are completely unnecessary and are only used to add "humor" to the series, and most of them aren't used twice. Only the ones like the Gill for a nose Voldemort's red lightning spell. Or Dumbeldore's blue lightning spell or some other lame spell that a little kid could have thought up were used more than a few times. Lord of the Rings was made more than 50 years ago. Harry Potter didn't even exist back then. Tolkien was the first to create a fantasy realm like Harry Potter and The Elder Scrolls. All of that and more are based of his creation. All the Harry Potter people did was look at Tolkien's spells and villains and characters and cloaked it to look like something else. If you just look at the movie, guys, and believe that Gandalf is in his strongest form you're wrong. At his strongest he has no competition with mortals. It would be a hopeless battle for Dumbeldore and for Gandalf it's a game of Battleship where Gandalf knows exactly where all the boats are. And if you didn't know, Dumbeldore's name means "White Hat". Gandalf's on the other hand means "Cain Elf". In my opinion, I would rather be a cain elf than a white hat. But I understand you Dumbeldore supporters that you guys would rather support a white hat than a living creature that is immortal.
That concludes my reason

6:10 PM  
Blogger Mark Vijit said...

Dumbledore would win. Dumbledore controls the elder wand. The most powerful wand there is. He is also the most powerful wizard in the world. He defeats voldemort in the 5th book and bear in mind he did it without the intension of killing him. Dumbledore's powers are great but he always holds back from using his most potent magic because he decided a long time ago that too much power was never good. Gandalf maybe a Demi-god but his human form does die and is sent back because his task was not complete. So Gandalf is not beyond being sent into the afterlife. It's just not the afterlife we perceive. Dumbledore also has in his arsenal the killing curse for which there is no counter curse and there is no blocking it. You will have to duck or avoid it. I don't understand why LOTR fans bring up Dumbledore's death like that is the one thing that decides gandalfs superiority. Dumbledore "allowed" himself to be killed. While Gandalf died from exhaustion or whatever when he battled the balrock. While having a flashlight attached to the end of a staff is a neat trick it does not have the same powers as a HP worlds wizards wand. Which is used as an instrument to channel a wizards magic. While Gandalf's magic is great no doubt one needs to understand that the magic Dumbledore uses is of a different brand. They are not in the same class. Gandalfs magic is elemental where as Dumbledore's magic allows him to be very specific in his spell work and create a very specific outcome.
Also I don't get why people say that the staff has no correlation between a wizards power. Tolken himself says there is a relation there. When Gandalf has his staff broken by the wraith it takes a physicL toll on him. And in the final battle at the black gate he can't use magic because he does not posses his staff. This makes him no different from a wizard in the HP world where they too are quite helpless without a wand. Although they can perform magic if they are emotionally stressed.
I respect Gandalf for his powers and abilities but if it came down to a fight on pure skill and magical capabilities it would not go well for Gandalf.
That's like comparing Yoda and Mace Windu. While Yoda is older and more knowledgeable in the force Windu though younger is the more deadly Jedi. The same goes for Gandalf and Dumbledore. While Gandalf is certainly more powerful than Dumbledore what with being a Demi-god and all. Dumbledore is magically and skill wise superior to Gandalf. So who would win? It's a tough call.
The wise old hermit/demi-god with elemental magic who singlehanded defeated a balrock and brought sauron to his doom by excelent strategies or the shrewd yet modest headmaster with magical skill unrivalled who fought for the greater good to great personal cost and who despite being dead brought about the end of the most evil wizard of all time. Tough call but I'm biased towards Dumbledore so it's Dumbledore for me. Call it illogical (how can amoral win against a demi-god) but I've read comics in which the Hulk kicks Thor's butt. Call it being silly. But I love the man for what he stands for. Self sacrifice, courage, modestly, kindness, power with responsibility, protector of the innocent and the understanding that "death is but the next great adventure" (being a master of death).

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